Android's latest version distribution

The Nerd Who Loves Numbers is back as the latest round of stats has been released by the Android team.  Well, I say nerd because it works with 'numbers'... but personally I feel that a nerd needs glasses, and otherwise enthusiastic folks are called 'geeks', but geeks didn't work out alliteratively.

Anywho... here's the latest breakdown:

Combining the 4.1-4.3 numbers we get that now almost 55% of users are on JB or higher, and add to that another 21% on KK... so over 3/4 users are on what I'd consider a 'latest' version ... at least for a standpoint of the Google ecosystem using the Play Services.

Take that fragmentation.

And let's not over look 1/5 users being on the ACTUAL LATEST.  That's fast growth.

Here, I've got the charts to prove it! If the charts embedded below don't work you can always visit our database page for the live version.

Platform growth by each version (look at that hockey stick for KitKat!)

Overall change