4Sync removing FREE options - now $99 for 1TB

It seems that most of my favourite clouds are slowly going away.  I've never been a big Dropbox fan, so I looked for alternatives and found Minus, and then it went the way of just a chat venue (weird pivot point) and then CX moved to a white paper option only...

Now 4Sync is removing its FREE option (you used to get 15GB free) and if you wanted to pay for more, it was obviously at a cost.  Now it will only be at a cost option... but it's not all that bad.

Take a look at the new pricing:

(as of Aug 13)
Free Space
Fee for extra
$10/month for 100GB
$40/month for 1TB

or save by billing yearly:
$75 for 100GB
$240 for 1TB
$99/year for 1TB
Extra rate

or save by billing yearly:

Sure, they're now charging, but look at that price drop - what was once $0.24/yr/GB is now almost a third of that at $0.099.

At about 10 cents per year per gigabyte, it's tied with Bitcasa for 2nd place for pricing (best pricing is still with MediaFire).  Check out our Database Page to view all your cloud options.

Dear Ryan,
4Sync team has been always focusing on what matters. Indeed, we have worked hard to provide you with a truly awesome online storage, boasting rich features and being truly safe and secure. We hope you are fully enjoying it.
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In an attempt to provide even better service for less money, we decided to drop prices while becoming Premium only. It means that now you can store a terabyte of data for just $99 a year. Sounds too good to be true? But it is. A terabyte is enough to store 500 000 picturesfrom your smartphone and yet it costs much less than a cup of coffee a day.
Focusing on Premium service means that 4Sync will be working far more on its features, quality and will become even more reliable. We will concentrate on those tweaks that make a pretty big difference to help you take full advantage of our service.
On 08/13/2014 we will upgrade you to 1Tb Free Trial plan. For two months you will be able to enjoy our Premium service, and afterwards you’ll need to get Premium subscription to continue using 4Sync.
Sincerely yours,
The 4Sync Team