Word Monsters game review

Cover artWay back during our 81st Hangout show I showed off a cool app called Word Monsters for my #appcoliseum.

Here's my review of it (sorry for the delay).

Word Monsters is a simple game where you are given letter tiles.  Swipe across the letter tiles to spell a word and they go away allowing the tiles to fall.  Ensure you do it in such a way that you get all the words and you get a better score.

It's hard to 'explain', you just have to see it to understand.  It takes no time at all to learn, and each of the rounds are quick, so it's an easy way to kill a minute or 2 here and there when you need to.

You get 'star coins' to purchase new categories for your words (like 'body parts', 'in the kitchen', or 'summertime'), or you could purchase funky things for your monster avatar.

You can play a solo game or against another player... either a random player or someone you might know their player name for.  There is also a 'league' option, where you play a bunch of rounds against other folks and based on your scores you can move up the league, or be demoted down.  Kinda fun!

Again, it takes a visual demonstration to really get the gist..

Get it on Google Play