Show us your great fireworks shots!

So, if you're reading this site from either USA or Canada (our 2 top reader markets) you've just gone through some fun days in the past week.  Lots of fireworks.

When I was in the states watching their show I took my phone out and my photog friends gave me a bit of a sneer.  Yeah, I know camera phones aren't perfect.  They don't have some of the full on control you'd get out of a decent digital.

...but at least I wasn't one of those in the crowd and using their flash!

Mine didn't turn out so good that day... fireworks shooting is always a crapshoot.  But if you used your phone let's see what masterful works you got from it!

Comment below with a link to a photo or a post with a photo of one of yours and we'll update this page with the image (with full credits to you, of course).  Let us know where you were and what device you used!

Let's show some of the folks what they can do!
How can I not start with the drone that flew through fireworks... not a phone camera, but still... cool

Ryan Moore (Minocqua, WI) - LG G2
I knew I should have moved away from that lamppost