Heavenly themes with the help of Zooper Widget Pro

Have you ever heard of Zooper Widget Pro? Until about 2 years ago I hadn't. When I got introduce to it, I felt inadequate because it completely confused me and I didn't understand its use.

I'm hands on, so for me to just read up on how to use was more like chinese. I understood the principal but until someone showed me how-to use it and the power it has it was a complete mystery.

With this I'm going to talk about one themer in particular +Roku. He brings a variety of themes for Zooper Widget Pro that are fierce! I'll be making an overview of Watch Dogs Uber Pnwed Update. If your in the gaming field you'll know exactly that this is basically to mimic the hacking phone that your character is using in the game.

Roku has gone to great length to bring you a solid theme and I'll show you more in details what's available within the packages.

It's important to remember that although there's a free version of Zooper Widget, Roku indicates that this will only be possible if you used the PRO version of the app. Also important to know that he has no links to the Zooper Widget Pro app as this belongs to a different developer.

A couple of screen capture later and you have the different section of the theme package that you can use with Zooper Widget Pro. The possibilities are endless really. It all depends of your creativity and how you'll use the widget.

Check out my own setup for this: (A few adjustment had to be made within Zooper Widget Pro)