Sony Z2 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review (MDR-NC31EM)

I recently got myself a Sony Z2, and I've fallen deeply in love with, so much that I've been buying everything possible for the Z2. I've already reviewed the Phone Here, and the Magnetic Charging Dock Here. Now it's time I shed a little light with the few days I've been using these noise cancelling headphones from Sony made for the Sony Z2.

To kick things off, I listen to 6-8 hours of music per day at work. Needless to say, music plays a big factor in my life, and sound quality is key. I currently own another noise cancelling headphones from Sony which requires a AAA battery, Studio Beats by Dre, and UrBeats as well. I've used some of the most expensive headphones local stores has to offer, so how do these Sony noise cancelling headphones work for the Z2?

The headphones on their own are decent, and I'd label them as average to slightly above average in quality. However, these headphones don't shine and show their true beauty until connected and the noise cancelling technology is enabled on your Sony Z2. I've taken sound sample in the video below, so you can see what these noise canceling headphones are competing against at my work where I use them most

As you can see, this is an extremely loud environment. Sound so loud it's requested all members use provided earplugs (or headphones in my exception). The headphones by themselves block a fair amount of sound, but when you switch on the noise cancelling options that are revealed when plugging in the headphones, magic happens.

I use the Bus/Train option as it seems to be the most aggressive noise suppressing option. In this very loud environment, with the volume at approximately 70% I can nearly conceal all sound. Pumping it upward to 100% enures I can only hear music, but at the risk of causing long term damage to my hearing, so I don't often do this.

I've also tested this on the Bus. Using the same settings, but with volume at 50%, I was able to enjoy my music with little noise from the outside world. I've used noise cancelling headphones before, but the marriage between these Sony (MDR-NC31EM) noise cancelling headphones, and the Sony Z2 where the actually noise cancellation process happens, is just phenomenal. Because you're using the noise cancelling technology, the physical volume of the music is reduced, but blocks outside noises, yielding in a much more comfortable musical experience, while still being loud enough to blast those hits you love.

The Sony headphones come with 2 additional size cups for your ears, and I find they fit well. Some other headphones hurt the inner part of my ear, with almost like a blister type pain over long term use. These headphones are so comfortable, I have no problems wearing them through an entire work day.

The Sony Z2 (MDR-NC31EM) noise cancelling headphones for the Z2 have impressed me so much, I've not looked back to my $300 studio beats or other brands of $100 headphones for a single second. When it comes to blocking sound, and immersing you in the world of music, Sony's headphones combined with the Xperia Z2 does it best.

For more information on these headphones, hit up the Sony's Website or visit your local Sony Store.