So how'd I do on my Google IO predictions?

There's reasons I don't like rumours or 'leaks'.  Most often they're just someone's wild guesses.  Like how the potential for "Android Silver" means that Nexus lines were going away (I'm looking at you +@evleaks)...

Even during the IO presentation, seeing "Android One" people were skeptical ... yet throughout mentions of the current Nexus and Google Play Edition line ups were discussed; almost as though they still existed  No verbiage whatsoever about its potential demise.  Which I liked.  ReadWrite interviewed David Burke and he blatantly said "We're still invested in Nexus ... [end of the Nexus] is the totally wrong conclusion to make."

So ... if a lot of the discussion around 'leaks' and 'rumours' is really 'best guessing', it's always good to take a step back and see how did it pan out?  I gave my own 'hopes and dreams for IO', and let's see how my crystal ball fared:

First, take a look at my article a few days ago: and let's go over topics by topic

Android @ Home
ya, I didn't see anything there.  There was talk about Nest, but still no new developments.

0 for 1

Android Wear
obviously.  And they exceeded my expectations by having some third party support and near immediate availability!

1 for 2

it is going to be the default, and it's going to be fast and all the coding will work (so no having to specifically develop for ART was my understanding)

2 for 3

Glass 2.0
I didn't hear much about Glass myself, although it sounds like there's some info coming out that Explorers will get to 'trade in' for the new hardware.

2 for 4

Android TV
They didn't really talk about hardware.  There was talk of TVs running Android, but not much about a separate box.  We've talked about this at length in the past, how we prefer to have something external, as it's apt to be more upgrade-able than our TVs (but then again, I'm an anomaly apparently and haven't bought a new TV in several years).  Very interesting on the 'console' type take.  Very intrigued.  Maybe it's good I haven't bought a TV in a while, so I could purchase this!!

3 for 5

no new features mentioned

3 for 6

Cloud Options
nothing mentioned

3 for 7

... hrmm... is this Android One?  Or is something yet to be seen?  I'm giving myself a half a point.

3.5 for 8

Android 4.4.5
We saw a huge preview of the next iteration of Android L (no mention if it's going to be 4.5, or 5.0...)

4.5 for 9

nothing mentioned

4.5 for 10

Wow, not even half... How does that stack up against typical 'rumour guys'?

Source:  ReadWrite via Android Police