Setting up themes like a MegaBOSS? Why not?

So it happens that I wasn't doing much of my night I landed on +Armando Ferreira MegaBOSS theme edition and it was a really sick theme that he had put together and put his own spin onto.

I decided to do the same with a few changes and choices in terms of apps to use, icons etc. If you head on over to his YouTube channel you can grab the original MegaBOSS zip file there which will have all the content you need to achieve something similar if you choose to do so.

I'm running CM11 Android 4.4.3 on the nightlies for this to work.

You'll need some apps that you can get in the Google Play Store such as Nova Launcher, MultiLive Wallpaper, UCCW, Minimalist Text, UpNext, Scrollable News Widget, SoundCloud, Samsung Galaxy S5 theme for CM11 and a set of icons from MIUI X5 HD.

All these you can grab from the Google Play Store. I'll be including all the URL for each one of these right below:

I won't go into details on how to setup everything as +Armando Ferreira does a good job with his YouTube video on the how-to. You should really check him out.

Here's what I ended up having: