Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Cover Giveaway

Contest Winner: +Jefferson Demosthene
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Yup! We're giving away this Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View flip cover case.
The case replaces the back battery cover of your Galaxy S5 to ensure it maintains a slim form factor, as well as continuing to provide you with a watertight seal.

The S-View cover enables the options within your phone via pogo pins on the back battery cover of the flip case, allowing your phone to instantly unlock when opening the cover. It also gives you a quick glance at the time, weather, and some missed notifications. This authentic Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Cover retails for $50, but you have a chance to get this one for free. Keep reading for contest details and restrictions.

How do I win? 

To win this S-View Cover case for the Galaxy S5, you'll have to do the following:
  • Share this post on Google+ (G+ icon below, or copy & paste the URL to G+)
  • Tell us a story of you, or a friend who's had their phone's life saved by a case.
We'll be hand picking the winner based on the story they've provided. Why do you need a story? This method is to ensure people are actually paying attention, and not just posting "I WANT" and leaving.

What are the details and restrictions? 

  • You must be a resident of Canada to claim the prize.
  • You must share this post, you may share more than once, but please don't spam.
  • We request you be an owner of a Galaxy S5, thus not to take away from other who can actually use this item.
  • Contest winner will be announced and contacted within about a weeks time of this post.
That's it folks. Let the stories fly and we here at +Android Coliseum wish the best of luck to you all.