Google IO 2014 Recap [video]

So I had a bit of a busy day during my 9-to-5'er, so I missed the whole sha-bang.  When I got home I hastily tried to digest everything that come in.

To help with all that was discussed we held our Hangout Show last night to talk about what we thought were the highlights.

Give it a watch... we kept it short!

The whole thing was just amazing.  How much they were able to put into just one session.

I do have to say, tho'... however cool Android L is... I feel somewhat 'cheapened' with being teased by it.  It feels like they're taking a page from Apple's books by showcasing everything and then not letting anybody have it (aside from developers) until August (or even later).

What do you think?

I wont' try to do a recap myself here, there's just been so many already good recaps.  []

So much to talk about.  But I'm sure you stayed glued to your news aggregator yesterday to stay on top of everything.