ChargeKey & ChargeCard - Keeping Your Battery Full

Keeping your Android devices charged up is a must in today's world. Whether we're trolling the streets playing ingress, a social media tycoon, or a straight up gamer, we need our devices functioning at all times. Thanks to HelloNomad they made this real easy for us.

You have the option to have a USB on you at all times. You can choose the ChargeCard and keep your USB hiding inside your wallet, or the ChargeKey and lash it on to your key chain. No matter your choice, you'll always have a USB cable for those times you need a quick charge.

Some of us carry a portable battery, others rely on a friends computer or other power source to top up where we can. HelloNomad helps you ensure you'll never forget your USB to do so, as it'll always be with you.

We've all in a situation similar to this...

You're at your grandparents place, you snap some really nice pictures of your family. You want to share with the family, but they're not technologically advanced like our current generation, and simply don't do well with internet sharing.

With the ChargeKey and ChargeCard, you can sync and transfer files, not just charge. You'll always be able to share the content on your phone with the USB on you at all times. With a very fair price of $29, there's no reason not to be prepared.

Don't be caught without a USB Cable, be ready, be a Nomad!