Bench 2X charging cable [review]

The big question probably everyone has on their minds at this point is; Does it work?

The short answer is yes but not with extreme gain!

Here's what I mean. To test the cable correctly I used multiple sources. I used USB 2.0 ports directly from the back of the PC, I've use the USB 2.0 hub port from the front of the PC. I've used the USB 3.0 ports and USB 3.0 ports from a USB hub that has its own power source.

Something I wanted to try was to connect the cable to one of my wall mount usb 2.1A port as well as use a usb plug charger.

To keep this short in most of the cases I did see a gain of about 20% in power. I was able to charge my phone faster on some methods and on others it didn't make a difference. Where it made a real difference was when it was connected to my USB wall outlets VS anything else.

Was it worth the 40$ I spent on this? nope. That 20% gain / time isn't really worth it for me, but this could be something others might be interested in. If the cable was 15$ than I'd be more inclined to recommend it.