Sacred Sound Audio - Headphones [REVIEW]

Sacred Sound Audio is a uniquely crafted pair of in ear headphones that will surely please your inner Android music love.

I say this with assurance after comparing them to a pair of Klipsch R6i and Sennheiser MM 70i white that I own. Let's start by saying that for 24,95$ they are a steal! Crazy!

The quality of the sounds is very high and can be easily compared to some of the best on the market when it comes to sound. Listening to some house music with the likes of David Guetta or to some classical music like Bach or Beethoven, this pair is doing them justice.

There's no reason not to give this pair a chance to please your ears. The low's and hi's are very clear when listening and you'll get plenty of bass where it's needed.

Some may argue that for the price you pay for what you get but sometimes you do get to find a GEM in the rough that deserves some attention.