OnePlus Team is making it rain - Invites

+OnePlus Team is giving us Opo hopefuls another opportunity to get one of those juicy invites everyone that so many are clawing, scratch, and spamming the forums for their chance to get one.
This just marks another glimmer of hope in the eyes of those who're still fighting, but it seems many are losing the will to fight.

You'll want to head over here:

Each task you complete will give you that extra credit into your chance to win an invite. You'll share this event on your choice of social media sites, Share and like on Facebook, Follow and Tweet about this contest on twitter, and of course, comment of their forum!

Basically just be a loyal follower, do the things we do and have fun! If you're lucky, you'll get that golden ticket in your email in a couple days... speaking of which, check those junk boxes too, because you never know.

This Canadian Blogger has also entered in this contest for my chance to win. Would love to get my Canadian gravy soaked fingers on a +OnePlus device and do a review along side many others.

Until then eveyone, keep fighting the good fight, and I'll cya all on the forums.

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