LG G3 display will be awesome

So, I'm not a rumour guy, so all the rumours and 'leaks' about the G3 that we've seen, I've steered clear of discussing.  Even though I'm a huge LG fan and really anticipating this new G3... I've resisted temptation to read the rumours.

However, yesterday LG has actually announced (i.e. proper sources) a nifty little piece of the puzzle.  The screen will be 5.5" and sport 2560x1440 resolution (i.e. QHD).

It's also to have even less bezel than the G2 (hint hint +Tom Gray).

I'm really REALLY getting excited about this device.  I'm debating finding some sponsorships to get my butt to New York for their event on May 27th where they'll be announcing the device.