Is Rooting going away [poll results]

So the other day we asked you about rooting.  With some of the rumours out there there may just be a case that rooting might become more difficult (a la Jailbreaking)... but who knows.  I really don't like to put much stock in rumours and fear.

So I asked if you believed that, and then asked you whether or not you root your device... and why.

How'd you answer?

In the case of "do you root", you answered:

Yes (including my daily driver)
Yes (but not my daily driver)

A surprising number are still rooting and their main devices too (personally I saw it shared the other way, that the main device is normal and their 'spare' devices would be the one being tinkered on).  The 'others' are split between the 2 yeses.

For many of you rooting was out of a desire to remove bloating.  In the early years we'd root so we could install ROMs... when you think of that, it's kinda odd, because not necessarily is it meant for you to do one to do the other.  More on that later.  Most folks now are rooting for specific features that are only available to rooted devices.

The favourite being Xposed, but others include Titanium Backup, etc... more interesting was that a few of you mentioned needing to overcome 4.4's new security features for SD cards.  Others mentioned the need to remove bloatware (yet not flash a new ROM).  

For those that said no, primarily the reason stated was 'no reason'.  It's true, Android has really 'matured' in the past few years.  It's more amazing and feature packed than before.  For most people the advantages of rooting aren't needed.

On to the prognostication of future rooting... it was almost a dead even split of yes/no.  Many mentioned they hoped it wouldn't, but felt it was inevitable.  Many took on a more optimistic tone; that the rooting would be a different style of, but still present for those that want to.  It was tough to give each answer a yes/no, but no matter how you tried to split it, it still was pretty much even on either front.

Interesting times ahead for sure!