Humble Bundle PC/Android #10 has some great deals

Another round at Humble Bundle, this time, the 10th version of both Android and PC versions is up and  you get 3 games for WHATEVER you want to pay.

  • Symphony
  • Draw a Stickman: Epic
  • Galcon Legends

For Stickman alone I'll get this deal.

Pay more than the average and you'll get 4 others:

  • Skulls of the Shogun
  • Metal Slug 3
  • Fieldrunners 2
  • Breach & Clear
  • (and potentially more... as they always do)

Not bad at all... and at the time of publishing, the average was $4.86.  Hrmm... $5 for 7 games (and potentially more)?  Yes please!

Don't forget, you not only get the Android app, but the PC version (and Steam) and some soundtracks!