Google Play Music is now IN CANADA

Since the beginning of my blogging days I've been waiting to say these words.

I've got a ton of work ahead of me, but I'm taking time to write this up quickly.

The other day +Sivan Rehan said she could sign up for All Access, but she already had it.  And I got the 'not available in your territory' notice.... not 'country'.

An article appeared in CBC this morning and was quickly taken down.  Then there was word that some folks were able to sign up for All Access.  I tried to buy some music but was given an error.

I just tried it and I could purchase music... both on my personal account (had the system already set up) and my work account (which never had it set up before).

So ... thanks be to +Google Play the long wait was over.  We can now stream our own music from Google Play and even purchase new music in the store.

I'm pretty happy today.

What was your first purchased song?