Go Launcher 5 from Go Dev team - Coming soon!

The GO DEV team was awesome enough to include me in their beta invite release. So today I decided to play with Go Launcher 5. A lot of us are quite familiar with their launcher ever since the days of Go Launcher EX and then we saw Next Launcher 3D and now this!

Go Launcher 5 has a flat UI flavor with a twist of MIUI in it’s trenches. There’s definitely some anime sign into it, as it should since it’s asian base.

If your a fan of Go Launcher then I'd hold on to your horses because all the options seems pretty standard. Nothing that hasn't already been seen or done. One of the interesting option is the ability to change the fonts which normally you don't see in a launcher.

Where Go Launcher 5 shines is the theme engine, plugins and widgets available out of the box. This is the perfect element for someone that wants to customize their devices. Just the theme engine alone might convince me to go ahead and get the "premium" version of the launcher but the 7$ price tag for this is putting me off.

Something that's different about accessing your device "Settings" is how it's been converted within the Go Launcher 5 environment:

Regardless of your ROM, stock or custom, you'll be facing this change if you opt to use Go Launcher 5. It's look clean and crisp but I am missing a lot having to click on the "More Settings" is somewhat annoying. I would rather be able to scroll through my options.

Remember that if your looking for specific "launcher items" you may want to give a try to the Go Store, I'm pretty you'll find all the extra such as weather, battery, calendar, sms and more.

That's it for now. I'll let you watch the video and see what you think. If your looking for a breakdown and or information, please by all means send me a message!