CX transitioning to myFlare (and leaves Canada dangling)

I'm a big fan of cloud storage.  That's no secret (I've even made a database of your options for you help choose the one for you).

My favourite for some time has been +CX Cloud ... but alas like most awesome things, something has to come along and change it up.

The latest news for my favourite cloud storage is that they are transitioning away non-business accounts to myFlare.

Same service with just a new name, maybe?  I can live.  But....

Read the email again:

We’re pleased to announce that CX is moving to myflare!
A Better Service for You
We want to continue making great products. That’s why we’re splitting our focus into two areas:
  • CX - Will remain focused on our B2B whitelabel partners.
  • myflare - Is the new home for our US-based customers, like you!

That's right... US based customers.  Which means:

No app for us Canadians.  I've reached out to multiple channels for CX (who were always so awesome about listening to their customers previously) and to myflare.  No response.

I did get a response finally from myflare that:

It reads that because myflare isn't available internationally, us Canadians can get our accounts migrated BACK to CX.  It's going to take 24 hours to do so... and anything you had uploaded to myflare won't be migrated tho' (assuming they'll just re-enable your CX account).

This just reads as one big hiccup.  Couldn't it have been foreseen?  Taking all your customers and moving them over to a US-only system?  Only to have the non-US customers transition back?

So, if you're not in the US and you still want to use CX (as I recommend) go visit their Contact Me page ( and remind them of this simple fact.