RAVPower Luster - Power Up!

+RAVPower is always one of the more trusted names when it comes to batteries, and this Luster Series I got my hands further supports the quality behind the +RAVPower name. Sometimes when we think quality, we think high prices to follow. However, you'll be pleasantly surprised how much this amazing battery actually costs.

The +RAVPower Luster comes in an assortment of colors. The capacity of the Luster is 3,000 mAh, which is enough to top up just about any phone / phablet on in the market today. Unlike many other chargers we see, our phones here at +Android Coliseum recognize this Luster Series charger at AC speeds according to our battery info apps, where others commonly clock in at USB speeds, which we all know is much slower.

Common connections make using the Ravpower Luster easy to use. Charge your external battery, then reuse that same cable to charge your phone, life made simple.

Though probably not the reason you're going to buy the +RAVPower Luster, it's also a very bright flashlight, which also has a strobe light mode for when you're in distress and need assistance.

+RAVPower did a great job designing the Luster series. It looks beautiful, and with an assortment of colors to catch the eye any anyone's taste. It's small enough to fit in any bag, pocket, even skinny jeans for the ladies. This battery is the perfect size and capacity to carry everywhere you go.

The icing on the cake here is the Ravpower Luster is currently on sale for $14.99USD although sadly for Canadians we have to pay double at nearly $28 which is still an amazing deal for the quality of battery you'll be getting. So if you're in need of a quick charge in those long adventures life throws at you, be ready to power up with Ravpower.