Mailbox by Dropbox #AppColiseum

+Dropbox has been hard at work lately with their #Mailbox  app and they've done quite a good job at it. Entirely gesture base to manage all your needs in terms of emails.

I'm pretty sure you get the idea of how this works. Even the "Get Started" from the app itself is very easy to follow and it's completely user friendly. It has a nice clean, flat look which seems to be the go to look these days.

With that said, I gave myself a goal and to only use the app to manage all 5 email accounts I have. Personal, Hobbies and work. A short swipe to the right and it's been archived, done deal. Ohhh look at that I just got a flyer in my inbox a long swipe to the right and BOOM deleted.

I highly recommend to follow the "Get Started" guide, it gives you all the information you need on how-to use the app with the various gestures that's incorporated into it and at the moment the app only supports Gmail, iCloud accounts. Dropbox has mentioned that they will add other supported mail service to the app.

Get it on Google Play