LG G2 gets "Knock Code" update

Argh, I really like this phone, and this feature only makes me love it more (do I buy it?  or wait for the G3?).

LG just dropped the "Knock Code" update for their G2 device.  Which means that you can now unlock your phone with the double tap, but now you can tap in 'zones' to have a semi secret code.

The 'zones' are divided in to 4 (four quadrants), and you tap in sequence the different zones and it makes a pattern.  You can do the zones anywhere on the screen, as long as it sees that sort of separation of the taps (i.e. you can tap the quadrants using the whole screen, or just one corner).

It's super unique.  I do have to say that that's what LG has really been doing well lately; being unique and innovative.