Google Releases Camera app [replaces stock]

Update Wednesday is in effect at Google, aside from the Chrome Remote Desktop they just 'split' the Nexus stock camera app and put it in the Play Store as "Google Camera".

Very cool... and it's not just a split of the app ... they've updated it as well.  The long press for features is gone away (just as I was really liking that interface) and replaced with a more 'Moto X'esque style.  Slide out from the left for some of the features/modes and then a single button press for changing flash/camera/HDR mode.

Settings was a little harder to find.  You would have to slide out from the left, and then you'll see a gear on the right.

Neat to have the background blur option built in.  Now, unsure if it's just software rendering or if it's an actual aperture adjustment.

You can go grab it now (if you have KitKat installed)
Cover art
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