Google Opinion Rewards Available in Canada

So, the number of services that Google offers out to the world, but not in Canada is bigger than we'd like it to be.  But bit by bit we're getting some of the goods.  The latest to cross the border is Google Opinion Rewards.

The idea behind this that you install the app and it'll present you from time with a survey.  A survey about Google services... or so I'm believing seeing as since I've gotten in I've only done one survey - basically answered that I wasn't an expectant mother and they rewarded me with $1.00.  A bit excessive I might say.

And that's the thing.  Sure, it's nice to get something in return for providing my opinion, however it shouldn't be expected.  Check out the reviews and there are tons of folks clamoring for 'more surveys' or complaining about how much they get for doing them.

We're providing input to the very services we're using... not many other companies do that:  listen.  The fact that they're continuing to provide this free service should be just awesome in its own right (still jealous of those folks in Dallas that got to meet +Vic Gundotra).  If we get a couple of cents here and there for our opinions, we should be happy.  We're not experts or professional consultants.

I'm just happy that one more geofenced out app is allowed in our borders, and that clearly Google is listening to their customers.

Besides, if you're looking for Google Play credits, there's some of us who have a healthy balance still from the Kit Kat contest (you can watch me show off mine in our last Sunday Afternoon Hangout), or we have Giveaways ourself here where we're giving out $75 in total.

Get it on Google Play