The Meenova after a week and my thoughts!

It's been a few weeks I've been with the Meenova that I got from Andy and I'll let you know how it's been since.

This is an awesome little accessory for everyday use. I know there's other things on the market that are very similar. +Cass Morrison showed us her ADATA device that does the same except it's all in one piece.

I've been able to sit my device beside me at work and on the road and enjoy watching TV episodes I've missed or was't unable to watch during the week. This has also led me to carry files around with me that I need every day.

Problem is I'd use the cloud to get access to them but from security stand point I couldn't cause all sharing sites from the likes of Dropbox, Box, Mediafire, MEGA are all blocked. This includes HTTPS. With the Meenova it made it much more easier for me to just plug it into the phone and voilĂ ,

This almost feels like walking around with a bunch of USB stick but the difference is this, get a large MicroSD card and then your done, you won't need all these 4 or 8 gb stick with you for any reason. I'm pretty sure that 64GB of storage will do.

On a different note, I've noticed that outside work and traveling I haven't been using it as much therefore relying more on the cloud storage for what I needed, granted I can't really store movies, shows and or podcast.

For me, the Meenova is a novelty and it's great to have but I can't say after this running around that it's a must have.

In the end you need to decide if this is going to be the perfect thing for you or if it will become a novelty that was fun to play with.

The price point for the device isn't bad and no it doesn't come with a MicroSD card, you do have to provide your own. On the flip side of this you do have alternatives that may be cheaper then the Meenova+MicroSD.