Phone Disaster 4b - Fixing a Galaxy S3

As part of the Disaster Series I've been writing, here's me fixing a Galaxy S3.  Again, best to follow along with's walkthrough.  But, really, it's easier than you think.  The display assembly is a little pricier than buying just the LCD or the digitizer but it's definitely worth.

The S3 is my all time favourite phone to fix.  So easy.

Like the S4, it's a few screws on the back to remove the back.  The back is easier to get off than the S4, just pull on the inside of the battery piece on the side of the volume buttons.and it comes off in 2 pieces.  The bottom half, and then the top half.

The top half you have one connector to disconnect and then it can pop off with a spudger.

Once the frames are off you can unscrew one last black screw and disconnect all the board connectors to remove the mother board.  Very self explanatory when you see it.

Then you're left with the old display assembly.

Like the S4, there's some 'remnant' pieces that need to be transferred over.  The Wifi/cell antenna, the vibrator, buttons, and front facing camera/sensors.

The trickier part will be getting the volume button switches.  You'll have to push the physical buttons out of the assembly (they pop in/out very easily).

Take off the antenna piece by just sliding a flat head under the sticker.  Then you'll have to unscrew the assembly for the camera/speaker/sensors.  Then you can remove the sticker for the volume buttons.  Again, just get a flat head or spudger under neath and then follow it along to where the switches are.  Be very careful / gentle when you push them forward a bit and then use tweezers to pull them out.

Transfer all these pieces to the new frame, and then reassemble.

Pretty straight forward... if you need a hand, I'm on +Helpouts by Google for your assistance.