LG G2 gets Kit Kat

Only thing I can say is that the BEST  phone out there at the moment, just got better.

It's no secret that I'm loving +LG Electronics Canada lately.  Well, folks said that their devices are slow to update... kinda true with some devices, the G2 just got it's Kit Kat update.

Aside from their Tap&Pay wallet emulation (fingers crossed that we'll be getting it working up here soon), immersive mode and Cloud Print, according to some G2 users on +MobileSyrup are saying that the battery is getting better too!

And I've said that it's got the best life out of a battery out there.  Phenomenal!

Go grab the update (note, it's a fairly large one at 650MB).

Source:  http://mobilesyrup.com/2014/03/25/lg-g2-update-to-kitkat-now-available-to-download/