Google Drive lowers its price! [let's compare]

So, I've been pretty ill lately, so I missed out on a bunch of news.  But one that kept popping up was the recent reduction in the price for the Google Drive Storage.

The price dropped from $5/month to just $1.99 for their 100GB plan.

Not a bad price cut, and it really has me ready to shell out a twoonie per month.  For their 1TB plans the price is only $10/month.

If you do the math (and you know me, I like math), it works out to just $0.24/year/GB for 100GB and just $0.12/year/GB for the 1TB plan.

Pretty cheap...

...However, it's still not the cheapest.  Besides liking math, I like my databases, and one I've kept is the 'Cloud Storage Options'.

There, I've kept track of how much each service out there offers for how much and some other sundry details.

Who's in the lead right now?  If you take out the options for unlimited (because I can't do a $/year/GB value for unlimited), we're left with Bitcasa at just $0.10/year/GB, but it's kinda tied with Mega which ranges from $0.19/year/GB to $0.07/year/GB. Drive comes in second (if you choose the 1TB plan), and then Box comes in 3rd with $0.18/year/GB

But there's always other factors to consider than just strictly the $.  That's why I personally backup with CX.  I just like the customer service I get with them and they've been a great company who listens to input.

Check it out in the database page!