First look at the TabPRO-T320

Just got the new Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4 and spent some time setting it up. Setting up is when you get to test drive all the build in features before you add your most beloved replacements. I may not be making a lot of replacements.

The first thing you notice after the gorgeous screen is the keyboard. Samsung has been inproving the keyboard and with the taller screen you have lots of room for the included number row. I must admit the CTRL key is a little confusing but ... The voice recognition works well and the handwriting feature is very similar to MyScript Stylus . With the increased screen resolution the traditional stylus (or fingertip) works well for writing and recognition is very good. I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung worked a deal with the developers similar to the one they have with SwiftKey. Speaking of Swiftkey, I've been using but find it very frustrating so I'm glad to have it just on my phone for awhile.

I was drawn to the TabPRO because of the home screen setup. I like it so much that if/when I change over to Apex again, I will probably recreate the set up. The home screen is like the traditional home screen with room for widgets etc but the next 2 suggestions are pages of Samsung specific widgets. You can select from several patterns. I have one screens of widgets because I didn't really like the options but love the idea. For the first time I really like the choice of wallpapers and they mesh very well with the bright flat icons. I would change only because of the amount of wasted space on the screen and the lack of widget choices.

There aren't a lot of included apps, mostly business focused. I admit, I miss S Planner but Google Calender is ok. After loading up my stuff I still have almost 10GB free which is a nice change. It is liquid smooth to use and the screen really spoils you. After looking at it for a couple hours, the Note 8, which has good resolution, paled in comparison. Luckily I can unsee that LOL. It feels great in hand. Even though it's super slim it's heavy enough to feel solid. I don't know what I expected for the textured back but it's nice to hold.

Unexpected things - it seems to only charge from a wall if you are using a Samsung power adapter. Luckily we have a lot of them. Also unexpected was next business day delivery from FutureShop to a small town. Kudos to them.

I will be doing an update in a month. We'll be travelling so we'll see how the back holds up since I don't put my stuff in cases. I will also be able to assess screen viewability in strong sun and how the battery life holds up.

Watch this space!