Nexus Wireless Charger - Review

I recently got my hands on the newest version of Google's wireless charger. We're going to take a quick look at this wireless charger, compare it to last years version and determine whether or not it's worth your hard earn dollars.

So the first thing that struck me is the size of this wireless charger, it's by far the smallest I've seen so far. Granted I haven't looked extremely hard for a smaller one, the size almost feels like it's too small. However, it works amazingly well.

As you can see from the previous generation of Google's wireless charger, they really shrunk it down quite a bit. This newer flat version of the wireless charger prevents the device from slipping off as many experience with the Nexus 4, this issue also occurs on my Nexus 5 on my glass nightstand. However, it doesn't hold your device at an optimal viewing angle for those quick peeks at messages during a charge.

As said above, Google experienced many complaints about Nexus devices slipping off their wireless charger with their previous model, released with the Nexus 4. This newer version released with the Nexus 5 now utilizes magnets to hold your device in place, you can feel it start pulling from about an inch away. 

When the magnets pull your Nexus device down onto it, it holds it secure. There's very little chance of it slipping, or getting knocked off by a pillow or blanket toss in the middle of the night. The bottom of the wireless charger also has a soft rubber that clings to your surface quite well, well enough to pull your device away from the aggressive magnets, leaving your charger perfectly in place.

To test how well this charger holds my Nexus 5, I went as far as to hold the wireless charger with my phone attached, and slowly rotate all angles without my Nexus 5 slipping off.
(Trust me on this. If you feel the need to repeat my test, it's at your own risk)

Final Thoughts.

I'm impressed with this little charger. It does cost $49.99, so after tax and shipping you're in it $70. The main question remains, is it worth it?
I'm a sucker for accessories, and I absolutely love this charger. It's leaps and bound better than the previous generation, and still works with some previous generations of Nexus devices, with cases an all.

I don't know if others will be so easily swayed to purchase a $49.99 glorified charger, but if you're an accessory junkie like myself, this ones for you.