KoushCasting evolving to Mirroring?

I love my BBQScreen app.  It allows me to mirror my display on my computer.  I use it for Helpouts and our weekly Hangouts.

But I can't mirror onto anything but a computer.  And it needs the BBQScreen software on that computer as well.

Along comes Mirror, it can also 'mirror' your screen to a website, or make videos.  But again, ... I'm left wanting to mirror my display on the screen.  (and for some reason the last couple updates has broken my ability to record my screen for MP4 videos... no idea why)

Samsung had made these "AllShare" dongles for their devices, but after the 4.3 update they're rendered useless.

Thanks to +Koushik Dutta we may just have a great solution in the works.  With the opening of the Chromecast SDK it opens up all sorts of possibilities - and he's just the guy to tease us with possibilities:

This would be a great update.  As with anything like this, don't ask for ETAs, or specifics... just be patient and let the awesome come to you!  So stay tuned to:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koushikdutta.mirror