Keeping up with Mobile World Congress 2014 [database]

Some day...

I dream that this little blog gets a bit of a following.  Nothing too big... but enough notoriety that someone might say "Hey, wanna come along to MWC with us?"

That'd be cool.  Until then I'm like the rest of everybody and following along, playing the home game, as it were.

My day-to-day job lately doesn't really let me have much 'down time', so I usually try to get caught up on the news of the day when I get home... after dinner, after I put my son down, after house chores, etc...

So, on days like today, where there's a ton of news coming out at once, my Feedly count gets pretty high.

In order to stay on top of it, so that I don't forget anything that happens, my go-to method is making a spreadsheet.  I just like 'em.  We even have databases on this site.

Here's hoping the database that a few of us on the site are maintaining can help you stay on top as well.