How many of you have ever broken your phone? [poll results]

So my new position has me fixing devices.  Most commonly I'm fixing devices that have either been smashed or soaked.  Seeing so many of them has me wondering how often those of you have had that happen to you.

Last week I wrote the poll to see if you had accidents, and if you had, did you fix them yourself?  Or just move on?

I'm planning on starting a series on what to do when in that 'crisis situation'.  Teaser for #1 ... backup!

But as for your mishaps / or absences of them, here's those results:

So, almost a 50/50 split.

Now, for those that HAD broken their device:

Nice to see that most folks were getting them fixed (for those that answered a yes or no). Getting them fixed, for the most part, is cheaper than just buying new (although, new is nice!).

But seriously, some of those who didn't fix did cite costs... but for those that didn't... let me assure you that it's quite easy to do.  I'll get to that in a future article.