Google to be ixnaying non-Google Voice calling?

Here at +Android Coliseum we're sort of 'popular' for 2 articles.  Getting Google Music working in Canada and getting Google Voice working in Canada.  These 2 have always been what keeps us rolling in the pennies for our website.

But for those that haven't got GV to work quite right, there's always been a 'workaround' app that I loved very early on, and still use as it's sometimes easier to just use this for the few times I need long distance calling.

That app is GrooVeIP, essentially a dialling app that ties into your Google account (using GV, even if you hadn't set it up quite yet) to let you make free long distance calls.

Unfortunately May 15th Google will bring this to a halt.

Hrmm... does this mean that there's going to be something from Google themselves that will be better than this?  Or is it just because Groove uses the old XMPP calling through the ol' Google Talk protocol and that's going away?

Have you used Groove IP?  I know I sure did when I was travelling a lot.  Setting up Google Voice to dial out will be a bit of a pain for those few times (enable the feature in GV to 'ask'