Getting ready for a disaster - Series - #0

What to do when your phone has a disaster?  It could be a crack, it could be just a software or hardware malfunction.   Lots of people I've seen are just not ready

So, I'm hoping to do this as a series of articles for folks out there.  Hopefully most of you already know this - so share with those of your friends who don't.  But if you don't... please look through them.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below on what worked well for you, or what didn't.

In this series here's what I see will be the parts:

  1. Be prepared - have a backup
  2. Diagnosing what is the issue
  3. Where to bring it (your rights)
  4. How to fix it yourself
    1. Galaxy S4 screen replacement
    2. Galaxy S3 screen replacement
    3. Note 2 screen replacement
  5. Restoring (if necessary)
(I'll link in the articles as I write them)
I think that should be it then.  It may grow as I go through.