Farkle - best dice game out there [app review]

In my past as a math teacher, I used to try to find some way to keep students' interest but also include math... somehow.  A friend of mine showed me a game called Farkle.  Sounds almost as cool as it is fun to play.  Just need 6 dice and folks are awesomely drawn to play the game.

This game I haven't played in a while... but I played the hell out of it back on my Palm T3, TX and several of my Android devices...  you should give it a try.  There's a free version with ads (not just the ones at the bottom, but intermittently between games you'll get a full screen one), or for $2 get the ad-free version.

Okay, simply put Farkle is a dice game.  Roll 6 dice.  You get 100 points for every 1, and 50 points for every 5.  You can then pick which you'll 'bank' and then roll the remaining dice and repeat.

If you ever roll and there's no scoring dice available, then it's a Farkle.

To make it a little funner there's points for triples of any number (basically 100x the face value of the dice... except for 1s, 3x 1 = 1000).  There's points for 3 doubles (using all 6), a straight 1-6, and even if you get 4 of a kind it adds another multiple of the value...

First person to get to 10,000 wins...

... well sorta.  When you get there you're "out".  Then everybody else is given one last chance to score some points.  If they can get a higher score in that last roll then they win.

It starts to get you thinking about strategy... getting as close to 10,000 as possible, so that when you do go 'out', you can go out at a higher score.

Seriously... it's easier to explain while you play.  It's a fun game.

You can play against other players (using the same device at the moment... hopefully you can play against G+ circlers at some point), and the computer has varying levels of risk taking.

Google Play Service integration allows you to have achievements and rankings.

It links to you to a site to help you understand the rules.

And then there's stats.  I love stats (apparently it doesn't transfer stats from one device to another).

Get it on Google Play