Custom Beam Live Wallpaper - Quick Review

Back when Android first came out, what caught a lot of peoples eyes over the iPhone was the ability to have live wallpapers. Something that really had never been perfected on a mobile device until Android came along. Today they are still as popular as ever, and with our high powered phones of today, they no longer slow down or drain battery of your device like they use to back in the day.

I've found a great app that allows you to use Google's Phase Beam, or now called Sun Beam, but customize it to your taste. keep reading to find out why Custom Beam LWP deserves a spot on this Canadians Android device.

Currently my Nexus 5 doesn't offer a lot of options when it comes to live wallpapers, Sun Beam is all you really get. It's beautiful an all, but I've never been a fan of red. Changing this is out of the question, as Google doesn't allow you to alter the colors.

Thanks to Custom Beam LWP, you have the ability to customize many aspects of the default Phase Beam, aka Sun Beam live wallpaper. This app is free for the majority of the tweaks, however there are a few things that require a small premium free, but aren't required to get great enjoyment.

 Don't be stuck with something you don't totally love, rather customize it to something you will.

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