Adding Functions to your Home Button

Your home button is normally just a home button, but what if you could do more with it? That's exactly what I'm going to show you how to do. Best of all, this requires no root access or system modifications. Keep reading to find out how to add functions to your home button.

Thanks to an app called Home2 Shortcut, you can add a double press home function to your Android device.

This is primarily useful for Samsung or HTC devices, and perhaps others that use physical navigation buttons. Most Samsung devices have the home button locked to a task called S-Voice, when you double press the home button, it'll launched S-Voice.

If you're like me and prefer Google Now's Voice Search better, there's no native way to having Google's search launch rather than S-Voice. That's where Home2 Shortcut comes in.

With Home2 Shortcut, you're able to reprogram the double press action to anything you want. In this instance, I've selected Google Voice Search as my the app I'd like to lunch when double pressing the home button. You may choose any app that's on your Android device.

Home2 Shortcut will work any launcher you're using, whether it's Samsung's stock launcher, or a 3rd party one you've downloaded off the Google Play Store. Best of all, this app is totally free, and no root or system mods are required.

Don't let the manufacture decide what functions your home button will have, decide for yourself with Home2 Shortcut