What you say you're looking for in a wearable

So the other week I asked you about what it was that you were looking for in this new wearable era.

You could pick some choices and here's how you answered:

Tell the time14%
Provide me info on my notifications13%
have a long battery13%
look stylish12%
Provide quick actions (simple reply, etc...)11%
Track my 'motion' (steps, location...)9%
Handle calls (answer, dial)9%
touchscreen interface9%
stand alone from a device (not need to be paired)4%
Play simple games0%

Interesting that NOBODY wanted to play games.  But tell the time was THE most important thing.  Interesting.  Funny how we've been a generation of using our phones to tell time (not many people really wear a watch anymore)... but that's the first thing the majority are asking for.

I'm like Cass when I think that the battery is a non-issue.  A 3 day battery is long enough (I usually don't go a full day without a charger somewhere nearby... so having a week or more is just not necessary).

Looking stylish was only #4, whereas most folks I've talked to have said that would be their first priority.  All else is useless if it LOOKS LIKE I'M WEARING A WEARABLE.  At least that's what they've told me.

As for the 'other'?

GPS, E-ink, non-proprietary charging, control my music player, view simple gallery, other biometrics

No one said take a picture (do you hear that Gear?).

Also, you gave some explanations which are pretty neat:

  • I like the idea of HOT Smartwatch - in that I can use my watch to answer/talk on my phone while my phone is in my pocket....  PRIVATE calls - not, "speakerphone."  If it works - then my needs will have been met.
  • Basically a Motorola motoactv that works like it was supposed to. 
  • Sleep tracking/analysis
  • At this time I can't see a need or even a want for a wearable device, but if I did I would see it most likely to be a health monitor like for blood pressure or blood sugar etc. 
  • Nice soft backlighting is also very important, it doesn't seem like much, but no-one wants to be blinded trying to check the time.
  • A wearable shouldn't replace ones phone. It should instead be a looking glass into notifications and other various simple tasks. Having a microphone and speaker for voice commands and quick calls would be a nice touch, if a wearable replaced our phones in terms of functions, it'd be way too big and expensive for the average user to have.
  • Look at BodyMedia's Fit. Pulse, body temp, pedometer, sweat - and it isn't a huge, ugly, obtrusive thing. Why are all these so-called smart watches so ugly? Why do they only measure one or two things? Why are they so big?
  • I would definitely like to see some features that are athletic in nature (distance tracker, heart rate monitor etc.).  Would also like it to integrate some basic phone functions such as alerting me to any missed calls, or new emails and similar functions like that.
Anything we/respondents would have missed?