What are you MUST have accessories for everyday use?

I'd like to know what is your MUST have accessories in your everyday lives while using your Android device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. What is a must now?

I carry a few things myself but nothing to crazy. I have my usual charger for the convenience of plugging it in the wall while I'm somewhere.

If I happen to be on the go, which happens often during the summer time, I now have a portable battery charger that can juice up 2 devices to full charge.

If your an Android user or a smartphone user in general there a few things you keep in mind as you live in Canada.

A part from the usual noted above, when it comes to winter, it get's really cold outside in this -30c and what better way to keep a pair of +Glider Gloves with you when using your phone outside. They do have various types of gloves so you may as well check them out.

I have my regular corded headset for my phone, but it's one of those from Sennheiser which features EXCELLENT sounds for my tunes as well as the ability to answer my calls. I'd like to include eventually a Bluetooth headset to that but for now this will do.

I carry about an OTG cable for the times where I have stuff on USB for added storage as I can't just pop a microSD card into my phone as it doesn't have a slot for that function. This allows me an extra 128GB of storage on the go.

Having the tablet with me everywhere I go allows me to also have a Bluetooth mouse I carry for use with my tablet and it's docking keyboard. Great combo especially when I need to work on a few and or if I just want to see at the coffee shop without having to carry my actual laptop with me, but then again the laptop is one of those ultra light portable ones and it's very convenient to have it with me as well for other purpose that require more power then what the tablet offers.

Since most of what I would need I can access via the cloud I'm left virtually with no media on me. Although I do carry with me a SD adapter to be able to read microSD cards for the laptop.

Some may argue I should add a stylus for my tablet, but at this present time I haven't the use for one. Mind you this could be interesting if I need to sign something in digital format and send it off. I haven't had the need for that type of use at this present time.

The backpack I currently have is nice fitted for a laptop carrying bag, but with the slight modification I made it can now carry the laptop, the tablet, the phone. I've made the needed changes to be able to have a portable battery charger stashed in there when devices are connected to it. My next step really is to buy the ultimate geek bag that will be able to house all of that with it's actual own compartment and should also include a built-in battery pack that can deliver quite a bunch if I need it.

It should also leave me room to stuff some pants, shirts, underwear and what not. If you know of a bag that could do that please let me know.

I'd like to hear back from you guys and see what is your must have for your everyday use. Come and talk with us and share.