What are you looking to get out of 'wearables'? [poll]

Haven't done a poll in a while and I thought it was about time.  Actually in our Hangout #62 we had an impromptu discussion on what we each thought wearables should be...

Wearables are all the rage lately.  Look at our database of items at CES, pretty much most of them are some sort of wearable device.  Smart watches, smart bands, smart glasses... if you can wear it, embed a micro chip in it and help it to augment your mobile life.

But it raises the question, what really do you want out of said device?  For watches, there's a huge plethora of options.  From the tiny Pebble e-ink display with buttons to interact and navigate through simple notifications, to the huge Neptune Pine which is essentially another full Android device on your wrist.  When is it too little?  When is it too much?

What do you want in your wearable?  

That's what we're asking this week.  Below we have a poll with some of the basic functions... just put a checkmark in the boxes for something you'd want, or we've left you space to write in your own answer and elaborate a bit more!