Setting your Shaw email up on your phone (with Exchange)

Now this is one of those "I didn't know that" scenarios.  I figured Shaw was only using POP setting for their emails, but as it turns out they do have an exchange server setting...

For me, I've long since stopped using Shaw (I still have them, but I pull in any emails via POP through my Gmail), but if you use Shaw and you want to have your emails on your phone here's how.

Just a quick word... there are 2 ways to get the phone to get your email with Shaw.  POP or Exchange.  POP, which is a system that only grabs new emails from the server, but doesn't sync everything (like sent emails).  Exchange is an exact mirror copy of the server, so everything you do on the device is sync'd on the server... so it really is the best option.

  1. Go into your settings (swipe down from notifications and tap the gear icon)
  2. Go into accounts and add account
  3. Choose 'CORPORATE'
  4. Type in your shaw email address and password, but don't hit NEXT, hit MANUAL
  5. Choose 'EXCHANGE'
  6. Change the exchange server to '' and ensure SSL is there.
  7. Hit NEXT and then adjust your personal sync settings just wait for all your email to start coming in!