Nexus 5 Bumper Case - A Disappointing Review

I've managed to get my hands on the official Nexus 5 Bumper case available through the Google Play Store. After some time using it, I'm conflicted with mixed emotions. Find out how my experience went with this Bumper case for the Nexus 5.

Google has developed a fairly bad reputation with their following community when it comes to available accessories. They either show off a couple products that never see the light of day, or release accessories late to the point where device owners have already purchased 3rd party versions available on eBay.
So when I saw some available cases for the Nexus 5, I jumped on the opportunity to try one out.

The Bumper case found on the Google Play Store feels really nice, actually quite similar to the feel of the Nexus 5 itself. It's a hard shell case, but the problem I have is that it's very square. Without the rounded edges, it really makes the device feel bulky. The following images will help you get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Though this case would provide adequate protection to your Nexus 5, the size alone is enough to throw this Android enthusiast off his game. The 2nd issue I found with this case was the buttons.

The bumper case has raised lips that rest on the buttons of the Nexus 5, which gives a very natural feeling while holding it. However, I noticed on several occasions my screen would turn itself on while in my pocket, I soon discovered a simple touch was enough pressure to activate the power button. I tried repositioning the Nexus 5 several times to no avail.

The picture above displays the $12.99 +Cruzerlite case on the left vs the $34.99 Google bumper on the Right. You can see the rounded vs squared designs here. +Cruzerlite feeling slimmer, although being the same size due to it's rounded edges. Its soft rubber feeling provides great grip, where the bumper tends to feel a little slippery.

Being a Google Fanboy, I'm disappointed to say I cannot stand behind Google's product this time. Although the case looks beautiful and feels nice, the $50 price tag after tax and shipping in no way equals the quality of product. I'm much happier with my $15 + Free shipping +Cruzerlite case.