netTalk has an app for exclusively us Canadians

Just the other day I was having a lively discussions about subsidies with some of my favourite plussers, and I was really envious of +Marc Young's data only plan.  I've decided that when my plan time is up that I'd go data only and get rid of my voice.

And an app released by netTalk will allow you to use your data to make voice calls, essentially a VOIP app.  Sure there's been others.  Fongo was a recent favourite by some of the team.  But a new competitor in the space is always welcome in my books.

netTalk, makers of the Duo, the device that lets your landline phone talk over the internet has released their app just for Canadians

Simple and straight forward, launch the app on your phone and you're on your way to free long distance across Canada (though most plans have that built in nowadays) and the US.

If your party you're trying to reach also has netTalk then you can talk for free!

Getting a free local number was a perk... I was excited to see 807 exchange on there, but it wasn't for me.  So no local number for me.

Not sure why there was an internet radio app in a calling app... but it's there, limited selection tho'.

Rates for international calling.

You can always check before you dial what the rate will be ... sadly, in my own area code it's still 3 cents a minute.  But I can call anybody else for free!

I'm still waiting to hear from netTalk about how much their app will consume for data on a per minute basis (Fongo claimed it would be about 1MB / min) just to be able to compare the $/min for voice vs. $/min via data.  Just because I like to crunch numbers.

Get it on Google Play