Focus helps your friends stay focused on the one picture

You know that feeling you get... whenever you hand over your phone to somebody else?  I get it because just I'm very 'protective' of my device, and I get nervous letting somebody else handle it.

Other people might get a little nervous for other reasons... maybe a little bit scared of what they might see...

Well, our good friend +Mike Wallace (whom I met at +AndroidTO in 2012 and was in a couple of our hangouts) who develops at +Rise Software has developed an app called "Focus" that'll allay those fears

Cover artMaybe you're an architect, or a product buyer and you snapped some photos of a new item, or a perfect location while you were out. You want to show your boss those photos... but what if he swipes or returns to the gallery to see ALL of your photos... not cool.  Maybe it wasn't his fault.  Maybe your friends seeing your photo of your dog in a new cool costume are just nosy.  Either way, they should only see what you want them to see.

Focus does just that.  It's an add on to your gallery that you can pick photos to 'share' to.  You can long press to share multiple photos, or just pick one.

Once shared, you can then hand your phone to that other person.  If it's multiple photos they can then swipe left and right and see ONLY THOSE PHOTOS.  If they hit the back button they'll be presented with a password screen (you set that up).  If they hit back or multi-task, the phone'll beep and vibrate signalling to you that they were going to do something other than just look at those photos (even if by accident).

Go through your gallery and pick the photos and choose 'focus' from the share menu

 You won't be able to swipe left/right beyond the photos allowed

It's a neat little app... great for those professionals whose phone is both for work and for play and the Galleries reflect that (I can't tell you how many times I've had professionals show me their phone to show me their new office or whatnot and had to have them scroll past photos of them at the beach or their dumb cats or whatnot) or for those paranoid with what their Galleries might contain.

There's a free app, which means there'll be ads, but for the 99 cents, just help a Canadian developer!

Android app on Google Play