Unlock on WiFi revisited

This was one of my three must have apps. I installed it on every device I have because I do use security and but I don't want to have to use it when I'm at home. Why do I say was? Because it's undergone a huge  update and has been renamed to SkipLock.

The Developer felt it was tie for a major update so with SkipLock he dropped support for under 4.0 and added a host of features, From the site:

  • Unlock with bluetooth
  • Pattern and face unlock supported for root users
  • Completely redesigned Android 4+ user interface
  • No background service = less memory usage and more reliable
  • No status bar icon required (but it’s still an option). Tray-only notifications also an option.
  • If you have notifications enabled, you can now tap the notification to instantly lock the device
I didn't have to update; the old version was working great for me but I love to support developers because they bring things to the Android table that I ... am not skilled enough to do. Give it a try.

Get it on Google Play