Sunday Afternoon Hangout #58 [event]

Now it seems winter is in full effect.  I'm spending more time outside shovelling and using the snow blower more than ever.  So on those relaxing Sundays, it's nice to sit back and enjoy a cuppa while I converse about Android news.

Join us won't you!  If you have suggestions on our agenda (see below), by all means, add to the discussion.  Have a passionate view on something, apply to be on the panel!

Don't forget that +Ryan Moore and +Martin Guay both have $25 in Gift Cards for +Gelaskins to give away: 

Sunday Afternoon Hangout #58
December 8th, 2013
Join the 'off-air' portion around 4PM (link will be distributed at that point)

YouTube links of our previous Friday Night Hangouts. Our Friday Night Hangouts are now available to download as MP3 (Audio) and MP4 (Video). Agendas for each of the events can be seen at and the archived agenda here: