Samsung announces a better way to play games on your device with their GamePad

More and more folks are turning to their phones / tablets to play games.  Even when sometimes it's not the best suited for the screen.  Like the recent Double Dragon trilogy.  Really hard to try to play that game tapping buttons on a screen.  Let alone if you wanted to pull of the elbow move.  How do you hit two buttons at once with your thumb?

Luckily there's controllers like the SteelSeries, or Zeemote that can help.  I've lamented that there just isn't further support in more games, or more developers out there making these kinds of accessories.

Not to be left out of the 'game', Samsung releases their official GamePad (I was expecting it to be called the "galaxy gamepad").  Unfortunately it's just available in Europe for the moment, but usually that's their launch pad for North America.

What's especially nice about this is that a) there's lots of Samsung users out there (you have no idea how many times I get people referring to Android as 'Samsung'), and they'll just push this market!  b) Samsung's not limiting this device to compatibility with only other Samsung devices.  It'll be BT pairable.  Even cooler is c) it'll use NFC to help with the BT pairing.

Now, by using this it will help promote Samsung's hub app for games (Mobile Console), but I'm not sure it's a necessity to play other games, but it'll list specifically supported games.

Price and availability have yet to be announced.

Samsung Smartphone GamePad Product Specifications

Android OS 4.1 more (Optimized for Samsung devices with Android 4.3 more)


Bluetooth® v3.0, NFC(Samsung devices with Android 4.3 more)
3.0 class 2, HID

Control Keys

- D-Pad (8 way)
- 2 Analog Sticks
- 4 Action buttons and 2 Trigger buttons
- Select button and Start button
- PLAY button (Samsung devices with Android 4.3 more)


137.78 x 86.47 x 31.80mm, 195g


Rechargeable 160mA



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