Camera Awesome - #AC-SAH59

On our weekly #AC-SAH 59 I featured an application called Camera Awesome which you can view the post here

The application is just that AWESOME and that's because the developers have put great care into the interface, the feel, the options and making use of the Tegra 4 engine. Yes this application is tailored for Tegra 4 phones.

On that note let's take a look at what this app has to offer you the user.

As I'd like to say "One app to rule them all" this is it. The moment you press the button you'll have a picture snap. By following the on-screen information you'll know exactly what's going.

Once you're done snapping your picture just use the built-in tools to edit, crop, change, modify or AWESOMENIZE your pictures and share.

    • Shooting modes: Big Button (tap screen to shoot), Burst, Timer, Interval, Image Stabilization, and Panorama modes
    • Composition guides: set up better shots with screen guides for horizon, rule-of-thirds, golden ratio, and more
    • Face recognition and tracking: identify and track multiple faces in the shot to keep faces in perfect focus
    • Exposure, White Balance, and ISO: choose between multiple white balance modes, exposure compensation values, and manually select ISO settings to capture the perfect shot
    • Resolution settings: shoot both photos and video in the resolution of your choice
    • Creative Editing Tools: 100+ artistic effects, crop, rotate, and insta-edit with the “Awesomize’ button
    • Selective Editing: touch to add or erase which parts of the image have filter applied
    • Sharing: in addition to sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Sinaweibo, Google+, Instagram, Photobucket, Picasa, Tumblr, YouTube and Flickr, users can now share to any other services via supporting apps installed on device
    • NVIDIA® Tegra® 4: Additional features on supported NVIDIA® Tegra® 4-powered devices including slow-motion video, enhanced HDR, and integrated stylus support.